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Safeguard Your Water Meter's Radio Transponder

Be advised, cutting too close with your lawnmower can easily destroy this critical, and costly, component!  Read more…

A close shave

Edwardsville Water Corporation is in the process of replacing all of our water meters with a new meter which has a radio transponder incorporated for reading. The transponder is installed in the center of your meter lid. This is a domed plastic instrument which protrudes approximately 1/8 of an inch above the top of the center of the lid. This is a critical component of the new meter system because it sends out a signal which can be read via a drive by unit rather than physically opening the lid.  

Edwardsville Water Corporation is experiencing a problem for which we are asking your help and cooperation in obtaining a solution. We have approximately 4100 transponders in our service system. These transponders must be replaced when they are destroyed by hitting them with a lawn mower.  The current cost of material is $191.00 per unit. We will not seek reimbursement for this replacement for the first incident, however any future damage will be charged to the customer. Please alert those who mow in your area to be aware of this problem and the liability thereof.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Board of Directors
Edwardsville Water Corporation